digmyimg.com is a personal branding agency.  


Our team consists of business professionals, marketing and sales experts, designers, psychologists, and experts in information technology.  We've been together for a number of years, and operating as a company since 2014.  The company is based in Dallas, Texas, with team members located in a number of different locations - serving clients in various cities and countries in the world.  Many of us have lived and worked in countries other than our home country, providing an interesting perspective on design, image, and perception of presence.

We're here for you - we care that you reach your goals, and we want you to succeed.


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How is digmyimg.com different?  


You know that thing you feel like you were born to do?  We feel like we're doing it.  We know there are hundreds - even thousands - of online tools, experts, gurus, and ideas telling you how you can build your brand.   That's cool - it's not what we do.  Our agency is a service agency.  We do the work you would do, if you had the time for it.   Our team is dedicated to the success of every client.


Let us prove it to you.  We're looking forward to hearing from you.