The Process

There Is Always Space For Improvement, No Matter How Long You've Been In Business

- Oscar de la Hoya


The process is a cycle of continuous improvement.  Goal Setting, Hard Work, and Results Analysis; our efforts serve to help you set a direction and then help you get there.  Based on your chosen level of service, our team will meet with you at your convenience to set goals, review progress, or get your feedback - keeping you at the center of our efforts and our focus.  You'll always know what we're doing on your behalf, and you'll always know we're working for you.

If You Do Not Change Direction, You May End Up Where You Are Going

  - Lao Tzu 


Your goals determine our direction.  Our initial image creation analysis and design process is the first step toward your online image objective.  


It is not uncommon for this goal-setting process to reveal some interesting contrasts in a client's real-world presence and their desired online image.  This divergence is primarily due to a lack of specific goals.  The goal-setting process is key to your success.


​Working with an experienced, licensed therapist, has created a proprietary process to help our clients define their desired online image.  Consisting of questionnaires, interviews, and mockups, our process will get directly to the heart of your desired image.


You'll know how you want to be perceived, and you'll know how we're going to make it happen.

Without Hard Work, Nothing Grows But Weeds

 - Gordon B. Hinckley


The hard work of personal branding is the day-to-day maintenance of the online sites that build and affect your brand.  


Many clients have a variety of online personas - a LinkedIn page, a Facebook page, a Twitter account, or even a blog site - but few have taken the time to coordinate the approach to each of these and to put the time to the cultivation of each of these sites for their impact on our client's online brand.


For our One-Time Clients, we will work to develop the presence your initial image creation analysis and design process indicates.  We'll also give you a set of ideas to help keep your presence current and dynamic.  As you have the time and ability, you'll do the work to maintain your presence in the way that suits you best.


​For our Curated Clients, does the work of maintaining, updating, posting, responding, and generally managing your online presence.  We'll do all of that at your direction, with constant communication and online editing tools to make this process as simple for you as it can be, with as much oversight as you require.

A Point Of View Can Be A Dangerous Luxury When Substituted For Insight and Understanding

Marshall McLuhan


Analyzing results and making necessary course corrections is a critical step in the process of continuous improvement.   Our approach depends on specific analysis of objective and subjective measures to determine the success of our personal branding activity.


Google Analytics, specific site metrics, and our own internally-developed measurements are all presented to our Curated Clients on a regular basis for review and discussion.  Our reports are thorough and detailed, and provide the basis for specific action.


You'll always know where you stand, and you'll have the final say on what to do about the results you're seeing.