Our Services, Explained

At digmyimg.com, we offer a variety of personal branding services. All of our individual services are delivered through service level packages - Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Platinum. Each service level includes the digmyimg.com proprietary image creation analysis and design process. In this process, our trained professionals work with each client to fully understand you. We work from the information you give us, and the direct interaction we have with you. We get you. Through the process, we build your online brand based on your offline reality - we're able to build your digital image quickly - to create a brand that reflects you to the world in a powerful way.
Once we really know you...

Once we've received your information and walked you through the image creation analysis and design process, you'll choose your Service Level from our four tiers of services.  The individual services offered through those levels are delivered in five categories:


Online Presence Creation

Online presence creation is the foundation of the digmyimg service model. Our clients must have an effective base from which to establish a presence, voice, and persona. Our experts develop that base from the knowledge gained of our clients in our comprehensive intake, assessment, and analysis process, where we develop the client profile and image management plan. Everything we do is based on this profile - it’s that important.


Site Maintenance and Curation

The establishment of an online presence is a necessary first step on the journey of personal branding. Key to shaping and enhancing that brand is the constant attention to the freshness (currency) and relevance of the voice that represents the brand. Our site maintenance and curation services are critical to a robust personal brand, especially when our clients are busy with their offline brand management pursuits.

Professional Social Updates

In addition to blog postings, much of our clients’ digital image is as a result of their professional and personal social updates. Your voice, your field(s) of expertise, your attitudes and interests (among other things) are revealed through your social updates. digmyimg.com works as the social update service for our clients because we not only understand that process and its impact, but we carefully craft your digital image - based on your profile, and in a way that enhances your overall digital image.

Personal Social Monitoring

Personal social media is different from professional social media in its spontaneity and frequency of update. Our clients prefer to update their own personal social media - and that’s understandable. digmyimg.com works with our clients to help establish or update a personal social profile, and to help them manage the professional impact of their personal social behavior.


Other Professional Services

Occaisionally, our clients have personal branding needs beyond the scope of our traditional service offerings.  For these clients, we offer a variety of other professional services.  Essentially - if you're a client, and you need help, we're your Huckleberry.