One Real-World Example



Our client is a senior-level executive (Chief Information Officer) working for a large Consumer Packaged Goods manufacturer.  Like many of her peers, she wants to demonstrate a significant industry presence and to communicate in a positive way with a variety of constituencies.

Her initial request was to develop a blog site, where she could share her thoughts regarding industry and market events with her team.  To compliment her internal blog, our client wanted to put her non-company-confidential messages outside the corporate firewall because she wanted her IT peers from other industries to comment and share their insights.


During the image creation analysis and design process, our client discovered that her needs exceeded the establishment of a simple blog site.  She came to realize that her online presence needed to be more dynamic and more complete than a simple "post a week" generic website could demonstrate.



Our team developed multiple websites for our CIO client, including a multi-page site for her blog entries, travel experiences, reading list, and a summary of her CV for prospective speaking engagements.  She also elected to become a Curated Client, at the Platinum level.


In addition to keeping her websites fresh and relevant, digmyimg now manages the online profiles, requests to connect, and messaging functions for our client on a number of sites, on a daily basis.  We also keep current her online e-zine, draft blog entries for her review and edits on a weekly basis, and post frequent content to various sites on her behalf.



Our client has far exceeded her initial goals of sharing her thoughts and establishing her industry presence.  


Objectively, her LinkedIn profile view score has gone up over 300%, she has an average of three requests for speaking engagements per week, and she has quadrupled the number of professional contacts with whom she has a meaningful exchange (as defined by an exchange of blog comments, twitter comments, linkedin mail, or personal email).  


Subjectively, she says she continues to receive positive feedback regarding her online presence, her industry presence, and her accessibility.  Her online presence finally matches who she is in the real world - a dynamic leader with much to contribute.

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